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"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."

Chief Commercial Officer

Ermanno Zanini

What do you like about your job?
«The possibility of fully exploring and dedicating myself to the art of hospitality. Combining knowledge and professional experience but at the same time having an ‘amateur’ approach in the etymological sense of the word, ‘doing something for the simple pleasure of doing it.’»

When did you start working for MHA?
«I started to work on the Mytha project two years ago, together with some of my colleagues, defining the name, logo and distinctive patterns for both Mytha and the single hotels. And then, of course, the company vision and mission statement. For over a year, we have been working on all the organizational platforms to transform the ‘brand promise’ into a concrete and successful dream.»

How does MHA differ from other collections?
«Mytha is NOT only a collection of unique hotels in extraordinary destinations but an anthology of stories and tales. It's a small universe, an eco-system where hospitality is founded on the ‘human touch.’» 

A hotel for you is…
«A harmonious place in which there is no need to point out details because they are exactly where they are meant to be.»

Three crucial things you want to find when you check into a hotel:
«The room ready, people smiling and the treadmill all to myself.»

Quality for you is…
«The product and the service made by people in a ‘loving’ way.»

A few words to define high-end hospitality:
«Welcoming the guest with style and generosity.»

What was your dream job when you were a child?
«Soccer player.»

Can you describe your family?
«A wife – who is a true saint, dealing with four children, of which I am one!»

Do you have any pets?
«Lulù, a sweet Cavalier King, who sleeps on four cushions but dreams deep down of a ‘vagabond’ life.»

If tomorrow you could travel to the moon, what would you pack in your suitcase?
«Plenty of books, toothpaste and toothbrush, razor, prosciutto and cheese, and Sassicaia wine.»

Where did you live and which country is home for you, or is it really in your heart?
«Capri is the place dearest to me.»

Do you have any particular hobbies or passions?
«Riding on my motorcycle, traveling, cooking, reading and… dreaming.»

What would you change about the world right now if you could?
«We have to defeat the greatest injustice: hunger in the world.»

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"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."


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