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"All things come to those who wait."

Chief Operating Officer, General Manager Villa Magna

Charles L. Morris

What do you like about your job?
«Every moment of every day presents new opportunities and new challenges and the chance to create, develop and initiate ideas.»

When did you start working for MHA?
«In April 2016 when Doğuş Group purchased Villa Magna.»

How does MHA differ from other collections?
«MHA is a collection of independent hotels that have come together to create a collection of Mediterranean hotels, each with its own unique European identity.»

A hotel for you is…
«Discovering how a hotel operates at check-in, during the stay and at check out (from the inside out). To see what a five-star hotel does differently and whether I could implement their ideas and concepts in the hotel that I work in.”» 

Three crucial things you want to find when you check into a hotel...
«A great guest room with all the amenities, a great lounge, a great restaurant & bar and excellent service.»

Quality for you is…
«A large comfortable bed and pillows, the quality of the amenities, the freshest fruits, the quality of the furnishings and fabrics in the guests rooms and public areas of the hotel.»

A few words to define high-end hospitality:
«A warm welcome back, feeling at home, emotionally engaged, the fine touches, a great atmosphere/ambiance.»

What was your dream job when you were a child?
«To become an architect.»

Can you please describe your family?
«My wife has always been by my side throughout my career in many different countries and our son has come to love London and will probably never leave.»

Do you have any pets?

If tomorrow you could travel to the moon, what would you pack in your suitcase?
«A set of golf clubs.»

Where did you live and which country is home for you, or is it really in your heart?
«London, Paris, Hong Kong, Manila, Athens, Mauritius, South Africa, Singapore, Phnom Penh, Osaka, Maldives, Bangkok, New Delhi and Madrid.»

Do you have any particular hobbies or passions?
«Golf and enjoying fine red Bordeaux wines.»

What would you change about the world right now if you could?
«Turn the world into a greener, cleaner, less plastic, more organic and healtier place and to live side by side in harmony with all peoples throughout the world.»

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"All things come to those who wait."


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