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Datça Peninsula
Destination: Datça Peninsula

Yiannis Kioroglou

On a plane: aisle or window?
"Window of course - the view from above always amazes me."

Holiday: sea or mountains? And where?
"Why not both? Mountains are ideal for winter holidays and sea for summer relaxing. We should enjoy both. I love exploring Greek mountain villages and the Aegean Sea."

City or countryside? And where?
"I love big metropolitan cities like Paris or New York, where you can do both business and enjoy yourself. I have to admit that you can have the best quality time in the countryside, Laconian Mani in particular."

One thing we can always find in your luggage?
"Cooking books - a trip is a chance to do some reading."

The most unexpected thing we can find in your luggage?

Morning or night person?
"Morning – it's such a same to waste daylight."

In a shop, you buy in 5 minutes or 50?
"I have to admit – it can often take 50 minutes..."

Instagram or Twitter?
"Instagram; sharing photos is more my thing."

Coffee or tea?

The last time you had a good time with someone famous?
"I was invited on the yacht of a friend for drinks and we ended up having a blast with me going into the kitchen and cooking for everyone. No, I won't share the name of my famous friend, I'm sorry."

The last time you spent a nice moment with someone you love?
"Before my last transit flight, I had the time to enjoy lunch with my parents at the airport. It was a nice moment as I don't see them regularly. Besides that, every moment spent daily with my daughter and wife are special."

A special souvenir from a person you met during your travels?
"Over a decade ago during my first business travel, I met a gentleman in the next seat on the airplane. We started chatting and although I thought he was boring at first, by the end of our flight I admired his strong character and his understanding of life. I cherish his ideas and advice to this day."

The most beloved souvenir of a trip you have at home?
"A book about Italian architecture that I bought during my first visit to Italy."

Three things (or people) that you would bring with you to the moon?
"I would bring all my loved ones with me (there are more than three but they are a unit to me). We would have with us a fine single malt whisky and a bag of mignardises. Ok, I will need a burger too - allow me to have four..."

Sunscreen: 50 or 10?

Perfume: a lot or just a few drops?
"I prefer not to wear perfume."

The last time you were in an art gallery/museum?
"2 weeks ago, I visited the Picasso museum in Antibes."

Do you take taxis and talk to the driver? What topics do you talk about?
"I take taxis quite often. I usually chat with the driver about everyday life topics."

A movie you would always watch on a plane?
"It has to be Gladiator."

Which book do you have on your bedside table?
"These days you will find a book about Greek philosophy next to my bed."

Motor yacht or sailboat?
"Motor yacht- it can take me anywhere."

The last time you were swimming was...
"Last winter in Saint Barth at the beautiful Shell Beach"

Three reasons why you love D Maris Bay...
"First of all I love D Maris Bay because it is the location of the new La Guérite restaurant – an ideal place to provide "La Guérite hospitality". Apart from this, it has beautiful crystal-clear waters and it is inspiring that I can find delicious and fresh local products to use in my recipes."


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