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Datça Peninsula
Destination: Datça Peninsula

Nathalie Schyllert

On a plane: aisle or window?
"I always pick a window seat, so I can lean towards the wall and try to fit in a power nap."
Holiday: sea or mountains? And where?
"Sea, ideally in the Maldives or Turkey."
City or countryside? And where? 
"City, New York City for a long weekend."
One thing we can always find in your luggage? 
"Charger for my Iphone."
The most unexpected thing we can find in your luggage? 
"Bodyism gliding discs."
Morning or night person?
"Morning for sure and that's the only time of the day when I feel like exercising."
In a shop, you buy in 5 minutes or 50? 
"Less than 5 minutes, I only shop online. Everything from groceries, clothes to furniture."
Instagram or Twitter? 
Coffee or tea? 
"Coffee, I always have an oat milk latte."
The last time you had a good time with someone famous?
"I have good times with famous people every day at Bodyism in Notting Hill. They are all lovely."
The last time you spent a nice moment with someone you love? 
"This morning with my son and daughter. My daughter Chloe is 2 years old and has just learnt to say "I love you so much Mummy". It melts my heart every time."
A special souvenir from a person you met during your travels?
"I can't remember ever receiving a souvenir from someone I met during my travels to be honest. I guess I have to start making more new friends during my trips..."
The most beloved souvenir of a trip you have at home? 
"A pair of earrings from my mum she gave me during a trip to Mexico."
Three things (or people) that you would bring with you to the moon?
"My family of course. Husband Marcus and my children Oliver (5yo) and Chloe (2yo)."
Sunscreen: 50 or 10? 
"50 every day."
Perfume: a lot or just a few drops? 
"A few drops."
The last time you were in an art gallery/museum? 
"Earlier this summer I went to Saatchi Gallery in London."
Do you take taxis and talk to the driver? What topics do you talk about? 
"No, I'm too busy replying to emails on my phone."
A movie you would always watch on a plane? 
"Any new release. I'm often too bored to watch the same movie twice."
Which book do you have on your bedside table?
"Skye Gyngell's cook book "Spring". I love her food and get inspired to cook."
Motor yacht or sailboat? 
The last time you were swimming was… 
"In South of France a few weeks ago."
Three reasons why you love D Maris and would recommend to go?
"The most amazing restaurants , the most beautiful beaches and the best Bodyism trainers."


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