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Datça Peninsula
Destinasyon: Datça Peninsula

İrem Kınay

In a plane: aisle or window?

Holiday: sea or mountains?

City or countryside? And where?
«Countryside, Beaune in Burgundy.»

One thing we can always find in your luggage?
«Headphones and a Kindle.»

The most unexpected thing we can find in your luggage?
«The laundry bag.»

Morning or night person?
«Morning person.»

In a shop, do you buy in 5 minutes or 50?
«5 minutes.»

Instagram or Twitter?

Coffee or tea?

The last time you had a good time with someone famous?
«Dinner with Pierre Cardin at Maxim’s in Paris.»

The last time you spent a nice moment with someone you love?
«Making a Lego barn with my daughter.»

A special souvenir from a person you met on your travels?
«An artwork from Manol Popham, an artist/designer and beautiful soul I met in London. He is proof that time and age are irrelevant in this universe and Manol’s “interventions” can restore the shine on anything he chooses to intervene in.»

The most beloved souvenir of a trip you have at home?
«A jeweled quartz object from Bhutan.»

Three things (persons) that you would bring with you to the moon?
«My family, friends and a cocktail shaker.»

Sunscreen: 50 or 10?
«It depends: 50 on my face, 10 on my legs.»

Perfume: a lot or just a few drops?
«A few drops.»

The last time you were in an art gallery/museum?
«Yesterday, at the Royal Academy in London to see a Dali/Duchamp exhibition.»

What do you talk about with the taxi driver when you are in a taxi?

A movie you will always watch on the plane?
«Scent of a Woman

Which book do you have on your bedside table?
«Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L Weiss.»

Motor yacht or sailboat?

The last time you were swimming was...
«InGöcek, at the end of October.»                                                             

Three reasons why you love the Datça Peninsula and Göcek?
«I find Göcek very mystical. I love to look out and see the layers of the mountains on the horizon intertwined. I had a similar feeling at Ha Long Bay in Vietnam!»

Three tips you can give for things to do in Göcek?
«If you arrive in the evening, take a tender from your boat to the beach at Sarsala. Take a walk and enjoy the artwork on the stones at Bedri Rahmi Bay. Spend an evening at Adaia in Hamam Bay.»

Name three things you like at D Maris Bay…
«Relaxing at the spa, a cocktail at sunset on the balcony and the beautiful white sand on the beach (in particular the silence beach if you’re not with children).»

What is your next destination?
«London, for the global launch of the next Assouline book from Turkey.»

What is your dream destination for 2018?


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