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Destination: Dubrovnik

Igor Marenić

In a plane: aisle or window?

Holiday: sea or mountains?

City or countryside? And where?
«Cities: New York, Sydney and London.»

One thing we can always find in your luggage?
«Running shoes.»

The most unexpected thing we can find in your luggage?
«Mosquito repellent.»

Morning or night person?
«Late night person.»

In a shop, you buy in 5 minutes or 50?
«5 minutes.»

Instagram or Twitter?

Coffee or tea?

The last time you had a good time with someone famous?
«Having a drink with Salt Bae in Antalya a few weeks ago.»

The last time you spent a nice moment with someone you love?
«A trip to Stockholm and Dublin with my girlfriend last month.»

A special souvenir from a person you met during your travels?
«A letter opener from my friend in Peru.»

The most beloved souvenir of a trip you have at home?
«A small replica of a Beijing 2008 Olympic flame.»

Three things (persons) that you would bring with you to the moon?
«Coffee, sunglasses, chocolate.»

Sunscreen: 50 or 10?

Perfume: a lot or just a few drops?
«Just a few drops.»

The last time you were in an art gallery/museum?
«Two weeks ago, the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.»

Do you take taxis and talk to the driver? What topics do you talk about?
«Subjects can vary, the population of the city, weather, local politics or soccer.»

A movie you will always watch on the plane?
«The Shawshank Redemption

Which book do you have on your bedside table?
«At the moment I am reading “Psihološka znanja i alati u sportskoj praksi” a manual for the psychological preparation of an athlete (Psychological Experiences and Tools in Sports).»

Yacht or sailboat?

The last time you were swimming was…
«Few weeks ago, in Zadar.»

Three reasons why you love Croatia and Dubrovnik?
«I love Croatia for its people, amazing coastline and sea, and food. Dubrovnik has all of that plus it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.»


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