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Destination: Bodrum

Gül Gölge

On a plane: aisle or window seat?
“I don’t really mind.”
Vacation: mountains or the sea?
“The sea.”
City or nature? And where?
“Depends on my mood. The city would be London, and for nature there is nowhere better than the southern coast.”
Something that can always be found in your suitcase...
“A book and my phone charger.”
The most unexpected thing we’d find in your suitcase...
“I don’t think there’s ever anything unexpected in there.”
Are you are a morning or a night person?
“Again, it depends on my mood, sometimes I’m a night person, sometimes a morning person.”
Do you spend 5 minutes or 50 to shop?
“3 minutes!”
Instagram or Twitter?
Coffee or tea?
“Definitely coffee.”
When was the last time you had a great time with a loved one?
“I try to only spend my time with people I truly care about. Time is precious.”
Is there a piece of souvenir from a trip in your home that you cherish?
“I always get a souvenir specific to the place I visit, I cherish them all.”
Three things (or three people) you’d take with you on a trip to the Moon...
“My children.”
Sunscreen Spf 50 or 10?
“50 for the first few days, then 0.”
Perfume: loads or just a few drops?
“Depends on the perfume, but because the perfumes I generally prefer are quite heavy, I don’t need to use too much.”
When was the last time you visited an art gallery/museum?
“Tayfun Serttas exhibition and the general exhibition at the British museum.”
Do you ever ride taxis and do you chat with the driver? What do you generally talk about?
“I do ride in taxis and I do like to chat to the driver. I can chat about anything.”
A movie that you would always enjoy watching on a plane...
“I usually watch whichever TV series I’m currently watching.”
Which book is on your nightstand?
“The School for Gods by Stefano Elio D'Anna.”
A motor yacht or a sailboat?
“Definitely a sailboat.”
When was the last time you had a swim?
“A week ago.”
Three reasons why you love Bodrum and Il Riccio and would recommend it to others...
“Excellent service, great food, sensational cocktails and how comfortable my stay is with my children. I can list more!”


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