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Destination: Rome

Giulia Bevilacqua

In a plane: aisle or window?
“If the flight is long, window, so I can sit down to sleep better. Otherwise a corridor.”

Holiday: sea or mountains?

City or countryside? And where?
“City. A little in Rome, my city, and a little in Milan.”

One thing we can always find in your luggage?
“The beauty case.”

The most unexpected thing we can find in your luggage?
“Shoes with stiletto heels.”

Morning or night person?

In a shop, do you buy in 5 minutes or 50?
“It depends on the store and why I came in. I’m usually fast because I have fairly clear ideas.”

Instagram or Twitter?

Coffee or tea?

The last time you had a good time with someone famous?
“At my wedding, a month ago. My bridesmaid was Claudia Pandolfi, one of my dearest friends and colleagues.”

The last time you spent a nice moment with someone you love?
“Last night, in my husband’s arms while watching a movie.”

A special memory of a person encountered during a trip?
“Eight years ago, there was an old Thai lady living in poverty in a village in the northern valleys. She, along with her numerous family members, welcomed us with a smile, offering tea and homemade sweets. When I said goodbye, she wanted at all costs for me to take some aloe leaves and plant them when I returned to Rome. They’re still there.”

The souvenir you keep in the house you’re most fond of?
“See above.”

Three things (or people) that you would bring with you to the moon?
“Oxygen, a camera and Nicola, my husband.”

Sunscreen: 50 or 10?

Perfume: a lot or just a few drops?
“Behind the neck, the wrists and the décolleté.”

The last time you were in an art gallery/museum?
“Yesterday, in Milan, at the Trienniale.”

Do you take taxis and talk to the driver? What topics do you talk about?
“I take taxis and talk to those who are nice to me. About anything and everything, often about the city we are in.”

A movie you always like to watch on a plane?
“One that hasn’t come out yet in my country.”

Which book do you have on your bedside table?
Kent Haruf’s Plainsong.

Motor yacht or sailboat?

The last time you swam was...
“September 30th in Positano: the water was warm and beautiful.”

Three reasons why you love Rome?
“Wherever you are, if you look up, you see an incredibly beautiful sight. For the climate and the sun that warms you even when it is cold. The public parks where you unwind, lie down, read a book or play soccer with your friends.” 


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